What Is the Difference Between a Quilt and a Bedspread?

There are various bed coverings, and you may be wondering about the difference between a quilt and a bedspread or which type is best. If you are a new quilter, you probably wonder how to make your own bedding. Fortunately, Inspired to Sew has the welcoming community and the quilting supplies that the beginner or experienced quilter needs to expand their craft.

Quilt or Bedspread: What's the Difference?

Two common types of bedding that can sometimes be confused are the quilt and the bedspread. Both are used as bed coverings, but they have different looks and functions. Here is Inspired to Sew’s quick overview of the bedspread vs. quilt.


A bedspread is a single-layer cloth bed topper that is large enough to cover the entire bed, including the pillows. It typically drapes completely to the floor. Bedspreads can be solid colors or prints and can be plain or have elaborate finishes with chenille, fringe, or pompoms. Bedspreads tend to be lightweight and thus work well in warmer seasons or perhaps in a guest room that doesn't get much use.


A quilt is another bed topper and, when traditionally made, has three layers of fabric – the top, inner batting, and the bottom. The top layer is many different pieces of fabric stitched together into patterns, resulting in a work of art. The middle layer, or inner batting, is usually a thin layer of down or wool. The bottom is often a solid piece of fabric, complementary to the pattern on top.

Bringing the Art of Quilting to the Home

Now that you know the difference between a quilt and a bedspread, you may be determining if you have what it takes to start making your own quilts! Quilting is a traditional art form and is important in many cultures, where hand-stitched quilts are presented as gifts for important occasions like weddings or childbirth. Quilts are fairly versatile and, in addition to being used on the bed as a bed cover or for additional warmth, can be used as a throw. Patchwork quilts are unique and artistic and often hold sentimental value, so they work particularly well as decorative pieces. There are a wide variety of traditional quilt patterns, including the patchwork, double wedding ring, and flying geese. Whether you are looking to start with classic quilt patterns or want to learn more technical skills, handmade quilts are an exciting craft form.

Everyone Can Quilt!

It may seem overwhelming if you are just getting started, but there are a few things you can do as you learn the basics of quilting. As a beginner, you may find more confidence with quilting kits as you develop your skills and techniques. It can also be enriching and beneficial, no matter what your skill level, to take a class and work with a community of sewers or quilters that have experience, knowledge, and encouragement to share with others.

Inspired to Sew has everything you need to get started!

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