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Quality is most likely in your mantra as a sewing or quilting enthusiast. Your goal is to produce quality material for either yourself or your customers. How else would you do it if not with quality equipment? Quality, in this case, applies to both old and new machines. 

If you have an old machine that still runs steady, congratulations! You are good at maintenance. If you recently purchased a new sewing machine, you have quite a task ahead to keep it in good condition longer. A good machine, just like any other item of value, needs taking care of. So, let's get to it.

Keep Your Creativity Flowing

You enjoy your craft, and you don't want something like machine failure to deter you from creating. At some point, if not always, you may need a professional to look into your machine even if it looks okay. But before you do that, the job is all yours. 

You can do many things to keep your sewing machine in a good functioning state; read on to learn more.

Get Rid of Dust and Residues

Working with fabrics produces dust that accumulates in your machine. Dust will soon clog up its moving parts, and your machine's efficiency will go down the drain. Cover your sewing machine whenever you are not using it.

Wind Bobbins the Right Way

Know your machine. Whether your sewing machine is vintage or modern, every sewing machine comes with a product manual. Use thread that is suitable for the cloth you want to sew. For instance, use thread-specific utility stitches to sew utility stitches if you are winding bobbins. Typically, the thread used in the lower threading is similar to the upper threading. Keep checking your sewing machine's specs to ensure it's in the right state. While at it, blow off the dust and check for loose threads.

Switch Your Needles Regularly

It is best practice to change your needles with every project. Using the same needles repeatedly could ruin your fabric. This is because overused needles tend to bend or get blunt. Such needles will potentially damage your equipment. Also, ensure you buy quality and durable needles.

Check Your Thread Quality

Cheap is expensive. So cliché, but brutally honest. While shopping for thread, look for the best in the market. Good quality thread does not produce lint and dust. You know what that does to your equipment.

Lubricate Where Necessary

To avoid wear and tear, always oil the movable parts before working. Remember to strictly use sewing machine oil because it's sewing machine friendly. If the machine has stalled, wipe off the excess and repeat until the parts move as required.

Be Careful with Electricity

When not using your equipment, ensure it's unplugged from the power source to avoid a power surge. Also, invest in a power surge protector. It's crucial, especially if you are a heavy user.

If you keep up with the above tips routinely, you will surely keep your machine in good working condition for a long time. But, if your machine, in whole or some parts, is not working appropriately, first check with the above tips. If you still can't fix it, consult your service provider right here in Cedar Rapids.

We Repair All Models, Including:

  • Brother
  • Bernina
  • Singer
  • Janome
  • Viking
  • Pfaff

And so much more!

Sewing Machine Repairs and Maintenance Service

A sewing machine professional will countercheck your equipment to ensure it's in good working condition and repair it. If you can't fix it, do not do further damage. Seek professional counsel. It is recommended that your sewing equipment be serviced at least once every year or regularly if you are a heavy user. 

Prepping Your Machine for Repair

Please bring the following items with you when you bring your machine in for repair:

  • Power Cords
  • Presser foot (straight stitch or zig-zag) 
  • Bobbin 
  • Foot control

For Embroidery Devices:

  • Embroidery foot
  • Embroidery unit

Professional Sewing Machine Service & Repair in Cedar Rapids, IA

Your equipment is your business. If you keep up with the above tips, your sewing machine will remain as good as new and serve you for the long haul. Remember, quality care equals quality results. 

Inspired to Sew has the skills and knowledge to solve any repair issue, no matter how big or small. We are an active and inspired community and are open to sewers of diverse skills and abilities, and our repair professionals are the best in Cedar Rapids – no task is too big or small for our team. Prevent creative downtime by securing our quality sewing machine maintenance services. Reach out to us for further information.


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